Inga’s Story

I started on my own personal raw food journey by looking at ways to improve my family’s health as well as my own. My partner and son suffered from asthma so after researching some natural healing remedies on the internet I decided to experiment by cutting out meat from family meals. My son had a terrible bronchial infection and the first stages of asthma so I had to think of something fast to try and help him. It was extremely upsetting to see his illness returning every few months and watching him take yet another set of drugs, which seemed to slow down the symptoms but did nothing to cure the illness. 
I researched further and discovered a wholefood diet. I have read so many books and followed different raw food websites but I couldn't find an answer to all of my questions.  That was when I've discovered an educational academy in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), hosted by wonderful teachers Jackie and Gideon Graff's   I have accomplished my studies in:
  • Raw Food Nutritional Science,
  • Health Education Consultation
  • Raw Chef and Culinary Arts
This achievement was a great experience for me that changed our lives for good.

My partner Robert also had asthma and since we changed our diet to wholefoods his asthma has gone!  Robert dropped 2 clothing sizes in about six months, his extra weight was gone and he now looks physically well with lean muscle and "horse power health".”
Robert says:
“I can work longer without break – before the change in diet my body would start to shake and feel weak in need of food and rest.
After a meal I now feel energised and not tired and sleepy like I used to. I now have a better night’s sleep. I am less stressed and much calmer at work.
I have a better relationship with my wife and an even greater one as a family."

I also looked to improve my own health: After the birth of my second child my skin changed and I developed acne. Since then I have tried a variety of possible drugs, creams, you name it – I tried it. Nothing seemed to help not until I've discovered wholefoods diet and accomplished several detox cleanses. After these changes my acne started to fade, it hasn't completely gone just yet but I can see a definite improvement, my skin looks much better and soon I'll be able to get rid of it completely! I know that there is no drug for quick fix for any health condition that makes miracles that last but there is a very simple answer that make sense to me.

We have all heard the saying "You are what you eat" but when you think of it in more depth that's the real truth. The food that you eat today will become you tomorrow!

So why not start from today and make a little changes that will lead you to a healthier and happier future?


Our promise to you:

  • We only use live ingredients such as raw vegetables, fruits, sprouts, seaweeds, nuts, seeds, purest wholefoods and natural seasoning.
  • The nuts and seeds we use are sprouted to release enzyme inhibitors to aid digestion.
  • Our food is always kept below 45 degrees during preparation to preserve essential enzymes and nutrients
  • We try to ensure our ingredients are locally sourced and organic wherever possible.
  • We put 100% love and care into all of our food!
  • We use only clean, filtered water for our all food preparations. 

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