Please inform us of any allergies and preferences with your order.

Please note that we have new items on our menu at the cafe changing regularly!

Breakfast menu

Grawnola with Oats   £ 4.80      

 Our home made delicious grawnola is made with oats, dried fruits, coconuts, sprouted seeds ,sprouted nuts, spices and delicious agave.

Served with fresh home made Almond milk or Soy milk                             

Starters & Soups 


Sweet Pepper Boat £4.80

Delicious sweet pepper stuffed with cashew nut cheese combined with celery, bell pepper, onion and spices. 

Nibbles    £5.90

A variety of dehydrated flat breads and crackers served with crunchy veg and 2 side dips.

Seasonal cooked soup  of the day £4.00

Changes daily, ask staff for today's special.

Raw Specialities ALL GLUTEN-FREE 

Complete Meal Salad  £8.00

Delicious salad made of amazing organic vegetables, leafy greens, sprouts, dehydrated BBQ sun-seeds, house made sauerkraut, marinated mushrooms and served with homemade salad dressing. Please note this salad comes in a generous portion.  

Cheesy  Pasta £ 8.25

Freshly spiral sliced courgette & carrot pasta mixed with creamy cashew cheese, nutritional yeast, tomatoes & a dollop of pesto.

Raw Pizza  £10.95 

Thin dehydrated base from sprouted buckwheat & veg, served with side salad & fresh salad dressing.  Choose from: Italian, Ham-like, Hawaiian, Marinara,Peperoni like, Meaty, Hawaiian- Supreme.

Burger/ Cheeseburger £9.00 /£9.50  

Dehydrated burger made with pumpkin seeds, pecan nuts & sunflower seeds, carrots, sun dried tomatoes, bell pepper, herbs & spices. Served over Raw Corn Bread, served with onions, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, raw house ketchup and side salad with dressing.

Enchilada £ 8.50

House made dehydrated wrap made out of organic spinach,  comes with tantalising cashew- red pepper pate & marinated veg.  Served with salad or steamed brown rice and small salad.

Mystery Pocket £10.00

Tomato Wrap pocket filled with cashew cheese, pesto, peppers, sun seeds and tomato sauce, dressed with cashew crème and yellow pepper sauce. Served with salad, salad dressing, marinated salad, sweet and spicy sun seeds and BBQ kale chips.


Raw Ketchup £ 1.00  

Fresh tomatoes blended with dates, garlic, unpasteurised apple cider vinegar & fresh herbs.

Salad Dressing £1.00

Orange delight, Balsamic Dressing, Sweet Dijon Dressing.

Live Onion Bread   £2.50  

Dehydrated onion bread from amazingly nutritious flax seeds combined with onion and unique seasoning.

At Pure on Raw you will find a selection of nutritious Smoothies, Juices, Cold pressed greens and delicious guilt free desserts. See the special board for details at the cafe.