Drinks to Share

1 litre each 

 Sparkling Ginger Ale  £ 4.50

apple juice, ginger,sparkling water

 Ginger Ale £ 4.50

apple juice, ginger,still water

Lemonade £4.50

home made & sweetened with agave

 Mint & lemon £3.50

Still water, lemon & fresh mint

Fresh Juices

Fruity Spice £4.50

pineapple, pear, ginger

Skinny Goddess £4.50

grapefruit and spirulina

Virus Kick £4.50

carrot, orange, ginger

Glowing Skin £4.50

apple, lemon, ginger, beet

Breathe easy £ 4.50

apple, carrot, lemon

Orange £ 4.00

Apple £4.00

- Cold Pressed Juices -

Thai Green £ 5.00

greens, coriander, pineapple, lime

Migraine Miracle £ 5.00

greens, apple, cucumber, broccoli, lemon, ginger

Shakes and Smoothies 

Green Power £4.00

greens, tropical fruits, lemon

Bunny Spice £4.20

carrot juice, sprouted almond milk, dates, banana

Sweet Berry £4.00

dates,tropical fruits, berries, sprouted almond milk

Hot Drinks


Black coffee £2.20

White coffee £2.20/2.50

Latte with soy milk £2.20/2.50

add Caramel/ Vanilla £0.15


Cup of Tea £1.80

 selection of teas to choose from ( Pukka, Twinings, Clipper and Lipton)

 Pot of Organic Tea £3.25


-Vitamin Infusion-