Beginner: Level ONE cleanse

Introductory cleanse- this cleanse program is ideal introduction to cleansing.  It includes 3 juices and delicious live food (snack, main and dessert).

We source Organic and local produce as much as possible to ensure the highest nutritional value of our cleanses

What's In It?

  • 3 juices, snack, main & dessert


  • Virus Attack ( carrot,orange,lemon, ginger)
  • Morning Energiser ( carrots, ginger, lemon, beets)
  • Sweet Greens ( kale,bock choy, apples, lemon, parsley)


  • Moroccan Carrots-snack (carrots with Moroccan spice blend)
  • Raw Pizza -main (savoy cabbage, sprouted buckwheat crust with cashew cheese,tomato- carrot sauce, broccoli,ziccini, peppers, mushrooms, carrots.
  • Orange Carob nutry balls.