Pure on Raw prepares fresh pressed juices and raw food cleansing programs.  You can indulge in one day of  fresh pressed juices or- many days- if you are really in need of a deep rest.  For someone not quite ready to indulge in days of  ''just juice'', Pure on Raw also offers a satisfying combination of tastiest juices and live food plus hand made raw snacks and desserts! 

How Our Cleanse program works?

  • We prepare fresh to order, so you don't have to, no mess, no fuss just pure joy.

  • We pack your order in specially insulated  box with ice packs to keep the temperature low to ensure the freshness of your goods.

  • We deliver right to your front door or office to accommodate your busy schedules. Available for collection.

  • Our cleanses include Fresh  juice or freshly prepared healthy, low fat raw food with a set of fresh juices. 

  • Choose your Cleanse Program.

Bliss cleanse (juice only) 

3 day juice clense

 1 Day Bliss 

Want to try a single day? 

 1 day Bliss cleanse includes 6 bottles 500 ml each

Food Powered Cleanse