It's never been easier to be healthy, energized and feel GREAT!

Every Wednesday we deliver our Gourmet Meal Box full of raw vegan gourmet meals, freshly prepared from scratch with loads of love and the best local and organic produce where. We deliver overnight in specially insulated packaging to ensure your food arrives safely, at a low temperature, fresh and ready to eat!

  • Box Includes: 1 soup, 1 drink, 1 snack, 2 breakfast meals, 3 side dishes, 4 main meals, 2 desserts, total of 14 items!
  • All meals are vacuum packed, so it is easy to take them to work or 
  • The box is one hundred thirty five pounds. Price includes nationwide delivery and special packaging costs.
  • Box can be delivered Nationwide every Wednesday
  • Local delivery or collection scheduled on every Tuesday

 Creamy Celery Soup

 A light celery broth infused with Brazil nut cream and pinch of garlic.  

[Did you know that celery is one of the most beneficial vegetables of all! One of the best sources of potassium, sodium and sulfur, the three most needed minerals in the human body ]

                    Blueberry Digestive Boost                                Smoothie 1000 ml
Yummy Blueberries with bananas, nut milk, vanilla and good quality probaotic.


Raw Grawnola with creamy Brazil nut and Vanilla milk.

Delicious Raw Grawnola made with organic rolled oats, berries, nuts, flax, coconut and agave, Served with freshly made vanilla nut milk


Chia Porridge with Berry Jam.

Healthylicious Chia porridge is made with nut milk, sweetened with agave and garnished with freshly made berry jam. 

[Chia's amino acid score is upwards of 115, making it a COMPLETE protein and the highest quality plant protein available]

 Live bread Mix with Asian Pear Salsa and Tomato-  Coriander Salsa.

Crunchy live breads and crackers, goes well with SALSAS, Asian pear salsa & Tomato Coriander Salsa made with onion, garlic, chilli, sun dried tomatoes, pears, tomatoes and seasoning.


Amazingly tasty dehydrated burger made out of sprouted nuts and seeds, tomatoes, lemon,peppers, mushrooms, fresh herbs and spices. Served  with Onion bread made with onions, nuts, seeds, oil and seasoning, accompanied with  home made Ketchup and  Cashew Mustard. 

Pizza Italian 

Thin and crispy flax and buckwheat crust with scrumptious Italian toppings, one of the most popular dish at our cafe! Toppings: home fermented cashew cheese, tomato sauce, aromatic pesto and juicy tomatoes! mmmmm....

 Mediterranean Falafel

This raw and chickpea free falafel will fill you up for hours!

Crispy Romaine leaf filled with tomatoes, courgette, carrots, spring onion, dill and  falafels ( seeds, herbs and oil), drizzled with tantalizing tahini sauce (garlic, lemon, tahini,seasoning, herbs, soy free tamari).


 New Kind of ''Paella''

This is beautiful raw version of the popular Spanish dish. Chunky vegetables in Saffron marinade served with cauliflower- Parsnip ''rice'' with pine nuts, herbs and sea weed.

NEW! Picture coming soon


Home fermented sauerkraut with white cabbage, carrots, seasoning and caraway seeds.


Portobello mushroom salad


 NEW Picture coming soon



Raspberry Cheesecake


 Original Oat Cookies

 Please Read!

Your chosen box will be delivered to the delivery address you have stated or to other pre-arranged location. It is customers' responsibility to ensure that it is taken inside and that all produce is stored as you would want to keep it fresh. Please note if you not in when the courier call your parcel will be delivered to your local post office and redelivered following day. If this were to happen contents of your food my not be up to our standards and we do not take responsibility for any spoiled items. To prevent this from happening please read below F.A.Q


When is the box delivered?

Every Wednesday between 8 am -6 pm

Can I specify delivery time?

Yes you can have your order delivered by 10 am on Wednesday for extra 1 meal price.

How do I specify  delivery time?

In your order form fill in NOTES section were you can notify us about your  priority delivery request. 

How do I pay for early (by 10 am) delivery?

In ADD TO CART button select 1 extra meal and proceed with the payment. For example if you order 10 meals then please pay for 11 meals.

Can you deliver to my work address?

We can deliver to your permanent residential address or your place of employment. If you want your delivery to reach you at work, you need to be confident that someone will be there to take receipt of the goods between 8am-6pm.