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To ensure you get the best food, we source local and organic produce, and exotic speciality ingredients from socially and environmentally- concious suppliers.  All our offerings are made fresh from scratch and packaged in special insulated boxes to keep it fresh.  ( feel free to add any  fresh salads ,greens, veg  or anything else you like to your meals )

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 Pecan Cream Pasta.

 Exquisite and so creamy pecan sauce nicely works its tantalizing magic on courgette pasta.  Garnished with baby plum tomatoes and lightly marinated and dehydrated mushrooms.

1.Marinara Pasta with mock meat balls

Fresh Courgettes and carrot noodles accompanied with delicious marinara sauce( ripe tomatoes, veg, fresh herbs & seasoning) baby tomatoes & mock meat balls (dehydrated meat like balls made from sprouted nuts, fresh veg and herbs)

2.Swiss Chard Power Up 

 Bach Choi, Chard with home made sauerkraut and tantalizing Thousand Island Sauce, marinated Chesnut Mushrooms with fresh vegetables.

3.Live Breads & Crackers 

Beautiful selection of live- dehydrated breads & crackers. Onion flat bread, BBQ Flat Bread, Sweetcorn Flat bread, Brunchetta, Sweet & Spicy Sun Seeds, Buckwheat bread.

4.Curry Cabbage lentil Salad New

Cabbage combined with lentil sprouts, onion, peppers, curry, lemon, cold pressed oil and garlic, served with curry crackers.

5.Brunswick Stew (Soup) New

BBQ like flavour chunky coup is made with sun dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, peppers, onion, sweet corn, sprouted lentils and chunks of Brazil nuts. This soup comes in 2 containers as Chunky & Soup part to combine together before serving.

6.Garden Salad 

We Pick Seasonal crunchy greens and rich variety of fresh veggies to create amazing seasonal salads. This week it comes with Citrus Vinaigrette salad dressing.

7.Banana Pancakes New

 Scrumptious dehydrated pancakes with bananas, pecans and flax seeds, served with Raw NuTella made out of hazelnuts, cacao butter, coconut oil and raw coco, garnished with crispy pink dehydrated buckwheat. 


Juices and Smoothies 1 Litre each.

 creatively balanced with ripe fruits, nut milks and/or fresh vegetables.

9 dishes £100 

10 dishes £110


11 dishes


and so on...

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1.Sweet Green Smoothie- seasonal greens with tropical fruits. 

2.Antioxidant Boost- Dark Berries with sprouted almond milk, vanilla bean, bananas and dates.

3.Sprouted Almond Milk- House made unpasteurised plant goodness.

4.Orange- Carrot-Ginger Juice

5.Carrots-Beet-Lemon-Ginger Juice

6.Cucumber-Celery- Parsley- Apple Juice

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