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Local delivery/collection Tuesday 

 To ensure you get the best food, we source local and organic produce, and exotic speciality ingredients from socially and environmentally- concious suppliers.  All our offerings are made fresh from scratch and packaged in special insulated boxes to keep it fresh.  ( feel free to add any  fresh salads ,greens, veg  or anything else you like to your meals )

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1. Green Enchilada 

 Dehydrated Spinach Enchilada filled with Walnut-Cashew Pate,Courgettes, tomatoes,cucumbers, carrots, sauerkraut and soft corn bread chunks, garnished with cashew crème. Served with Sweet & Spicy marinated greens.

2.  Hummus Platter 

 Amazingly tasty Raw Hummus made of courgettes and raw Kalamata olives, comes with veg and raw crackers.

3. Cheesy  Pasta.

 Fresh Courgette and carrot pasta accompanied by delicious  cashew cheese and pesto, garnished with tomatoes & crispy brown mushrooms,and nut meat.

4. Raw granola with creamy nut milk  

 Delicious raw granola made with rolled oats, berries, nuts, flax seeds, coconuts, raisins and dates, comes with brazil- vanilla nut milk.

5. Garden Salad

 We Pick Seasonal crunchy greens and rich variety of fresh veggies to create amazing seasonal salads. This week it comes with 4oz orange delight salad dressing. 

6. Side Mix

 Sweet apple slaw (cabbage, apples, carrots in sweet refreshing dressing).

 Lightly marinated greens (kale, spring greens, peppers, tomatoes, cold pressed oil..)

 Sauerkraut( home made fermented sauerkraut with carrots and cabbage).

  7. Hawaian Extra Pizza new

 Buckwheat, veg & flax pizza crust topped with cashew crème cheese,tomatoes,pineapple,mushrooms. Comes with side salad 

8. Berry cheesecake

If you like fruity yoghurt flavours than you will love this cheesecake! Delicious blend of raw berries, coconut oil, cashews,dry berries... (2 slices)

 Juices and Smoothies. 1 Litre each

9. Sweet Green Smoothie- seasonal greens with tropical fruits.  

10. Antioxidant Boost- Dark Berries with sprouted almond milk, vanilla bean, bananas and dates.

11. Sprouted Almond Milk- House made unpasteurised plant goodness.

12. Carrots-Beet-Lemon-Ginger Juice

13. Cucumber-Celery- Parsley- Apple Juice 

16. Orange- Pineapple- Apple- Kale Juice 

 Please Note!

Your chosen box will be delivered to the delivery address you have stated or to other pre-arranged location. It is customers' responsibility to ensure that it is taken inside and that all produce is stored as you would want to keep it fresh. Please note if you not in when the courier call your parcel will be delivered to your local post office and redelivered following day. If this were to happen contents of your food my not be up to our standards and we do not take responsibility for any spoiled items. To prevent this from happening please read below F.A.Q


When is the box delivered?

Every Wednesday between 8:00 -18:00

Can I specify delivery time?

Yes you can have your order delivered by 12:00 on Wednesday for extra 1 meal price.

How do I specify  delivery time?

In your order form fill in NOTES section were you can notify us about your  priority delivery request. 

How do I pay for early (by 12:00) delivery?

In ADD TO CART button select 1 extra meal and proceed with the payment. For example if you order 10 meals then please pay for 11 meals.

Can you deliver to my work address?

We can deliver to your permanent residential address or your place of employment. If you want your delivery to reach you at work, you need to be confident that someone will be there to take receipt of the goods between 8am-6pm.

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