**Raw food that excites and satisfies your taste buds like nothing else. Just finished a workshop with lots of autumn flavours and ingredients. Some of Inga's signature dishes made and eaten with love. The recipes are original and refined. A 'must visit' for anyone interested in healthy eating in Sheffield or visiting. Fast becoming a tourist/visitors attraction in its own right!   Sandra N

**I had my first visit to Pure On Raw today. The place is spotlessly clean,the service is brilliant,and the food is amazing! This will certainly be the first of many visits! Jessica L

**Having tasted Inga’s raw food and the amazing flavours, I decided to do her juice detox programme before Christmas instead of waiting until the New Year. Inga supplied me with 8 small multi-coloured bottles per day, each one aimed at providing a certain level of nourishment for me throughout the day. I collected enough for the first 3 days and then a couple of days later another 3 days plus 2 for the final day when I visited Pure On raw to have my first large raw salad. The vibrancy of the colours and flavours were amazing. The vivid greens of the Energiser and the Cleanser, the bright orange of heat of the Virus Attack, vivid red of the Immune Booster.

My day started with a litre of water with the juice of a fresh lemon. I drank them in the order I was instructed, every couple of hours. I drank fruit teas of varying flavours so I could avoid traditional tea with milk in it. I also took my Touchstone Pure Body drops (4 drops in water 3 times a day) to help rid my body of the heavy metals and toxins from my cells, so they complimented the cellular detox process.

The beauty of the detox was that the bottles were a convenient size and were already made up with the right ingredients. The second day was the most difficult as I had so much more time as I wasn’t preparing meals or even planning or shopping for food. I wasn’t in places where I would have been tempted by habit either. It was more to do with the extra time I had to use during the day that felt odd. I was never hungry or craved anything at all during the detox. It had even more energy, I slept well, I enjoyed the different flavours, and as the week progressed my taste buds felt more alive too.

I also lost 7lbs in weight which has stayed off and I really enjoyed  Christmas  and my usual traditional food. I did notice I was not tempted to eat as much, but that I did eat more fruit and raw food. I still drink half a litre of water and fresh lemon juice every morning, and introduced more raw fresh food into my diet. It was almost like my body was saying thank you for the nourishment and  it felt so good I decided to do another in late January. The juices were a little different for a deeper detox. I again lost another 7lbs, had more energy and have not regained any of the weight I lost.

I have a health target of another stone in weight to lose by the end of March introducing more raw food into my diet and regular exercise. I feel great! Sandra N

**What a fab night out! Pure on Raw's great tasting and well presented food, a very powerful film, and some great company :-) Thank you. Paula  
 **My favourite restaurant I am always full of energy after eating there Graham 
My favourite restaurant I am always full of energy after eating there Graham 

Thanks for such a superb Christmas dinner. I never knew raw food could look and taste so good! Left feeling very satisfied! Great service, too. :) Will see you next time  James 

I went to Pure on Raw this evening: it was simply

a... FANTASTIC... Evening
LOVELY FOOD, COMPANY & of course, Mine Host.. "Inga" !!
Fiona, Alex and I had a fantastic experience at Pure On Raw yesterday! The food was awesome! Thank you Inga for opening this wonderful raw food cafe. We will be back!

ORB Cafe  

  I had Enchilada for lunch today, absolutely delicious, thank you very much. I have attached a photo of my meal which came out great with the sun and looks as good as it tasted.